Sunday 21st of August

Following the pathways of Katholiko // Guided Tour
Meeting point: Paros Park / Monastiri Beach at 09:30
Our travel begins with a walk in the pathways of the environmental and cultural park of Paros. You may visit the lighthouse of Korakas and then you can have a guided tour for the exhibition «Paros through Russian Cartography 1770-1774». You will also have the chance to visit the Monastery of «Ai Yannis Detis». In Greek – English.

The pirates with the pants // Interactive theatre
Place: Marina of Naoussa at 19:30
Interactive theatre by the theatrical team “Don Quixote”. Suitable for children at the age of 4-8. In Greek. Duration: 60’

My Naoussa // Film Screening
Place: Byzantine Museum at 21:00
«My Naoussa» is a Fairytale-Documentary, about Naoussa and its history. Created by : Τhe kindergarten of Naoussa. In Greek. Scenario: Katerina Kountromichali. Production: 2016

Monday 22nd of August

Our treasure, our Naoussa // Guided Tour
Meeting point: Corsairs’ Kiosk at 12:00
Guided Tour in the old town of Naoussa. In Greek, English, French.

Our History // Places to visit – Free Entrance
Free Entrance hours: 19:00-22:00
Free entrance in order to visit one or even all of the following museums: Historical and Folklore Museum of Paros – Othon Kaparis’ Collection Museum of Traditional Greek Costumes

Church of the Assumption

  • Pontifical Evensong / 20.00
  • Orison / 22.00
  • Nocturnal Devotional / 23.30

Patinada // Walking around, playing music
Meeting point: Corsairs’ Kiosk. at 22:00
A walk in the village of Naoussa, accompanied by traditional music players.

Kadinelia// Music Concert
Place: Playground at 22:30
Traditional world music embedded with blues. Treats are also will be given.

Tuesday 23rd of August

Church of the Assumption

  • Matins // 07.30
  • Pontifical service // 08.30
  • Litany // 10.00

Dance in the rhythm of Balos // Dance Lessons
Place: Square of Naoussa at 19:30
Take the chance to learn how to dance «Balos». In Greek, English.

Corsairs Night Event
Place: Port of Naoussa at 21:00
Reenactment of Corsair’s Raid.

Traditional feast
Place: Port of Naoussa at 22:30

Check Also:
13-23/8: Evening activities at the Corsairs’ Kiosk.
21-23/8: Photography Exhibition “Share the treasure” in “Moraitis” Winery.
22-24/8: Bazaar of traditional products hosting by the Naoussa’s Women Association, at Naoussa’s square.

Any change may be done in the program of festivities.
Free entrance to all the activities.

Interactive Map